Google releases an application to teach children to read

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Google has released Read Along, an application for elementary school children. The application is designed to help children read better and is available in multiple languages. Google indicates that the software is still under development.

According to Google, Read Along is available on the Android operating system in 180 countries, and in 9 languages. This includes English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Google indicates that it is an early version of Read Along, which is still under development and to which new functionality will be added in the near future.

With Read Along, children can learn to read better in a playful way, says Google. It is intended for children from the age of five and has been available as a test in India for some time now under the name Bolo. The development has now progressed far enough that the rest of the world is also allowed to participate.

The software is available for free and can be used offline once the teaching materials have been downloaded. Voice control can be used, and Google promises that the recorded voice will not be sent to its servers; the analysis is done on the device. Click HERE to download this app from PlayStore.

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