Google presents new version of LaMDA algorithm and comes with test app

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Google is showing off a new version of its Language Model for Dialogue Applications at its developer conference I/O. This algorithm must be able to answer questions and hold conversations. LaMDA is being demonstrated in a new app.

LaMDA 2 is according to google a strong improvement compared to the first version, of which Google already gave a first demonstration last year. Google has now been able to improve the algorithm through test users and create three tests for LaMDA 2. The tests are collected in the app that Google calls AI Test Kitchen.

The first test that Google shows is ‘imagine it’. The user provides input to LaMDA by indicating a place to make a representation of. As an example, Google cites “a planet made of ice.” The next step is for LaMDA to generate a description of the environment, based on its training data.

The second test is about having a dialogue about a specific topic. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, it is “a major challenge to keep artificial intelligence on topic”. For example, by providing a relevant answer if the user starts about a dog and then changes the subject to scent. In the demo that was shown, LaMDA 2 is able to provide a relevant answer to the question.

Finally, Google shows the possibility to divide a larger goal into smaller subtasks in AI Test Kitchen. As an example, Google gives planting a vegetable garden. LaMDA then generates a list of subtasks that are needed to create a vegetable garden.

AI Test Kitchen will be available as an Android app, but only to a select number of users. In an interview with The Verge, Google says that the app not intended for the general publicbut is currently only available by invitation.

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