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Google Play Games has a function to compare achievements with friends

Google has adapted the Play Games app to put more emphasis on social contacts with friends. It becomes easier to view friends’ profiles and to compare achievements with others.

The ‘Profile’ button with which users normally go to their own profile has now been replaced by a ‘Social’ button. In that section, it becomes easier to invite friends to play a particular game. Players who click a friend from the contact list will also see which games their friends last played, and can compare their levels and achievements if both friends have the same games. Users who go to the new social section for the first time will immediately see the privacy settings there. They can then set which data friends or everyone can view. They can also control whether games can access their friends lists.

The changes, which were first spotted by Android Police, had been coming for some time, as previously revealed in code in a beta version. Now the function seems to be final, although Google is gradually rolling it out to users.

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