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Google opens its own studio for Stadia games in Montreal

Google will open a first studio in Montreal, Canada, where only games for Google Stadia will be developed. It is not yet clear when the studio must be operational.

Games & Entertainment, as the new studio is called, will be housed in Montreal, the city where game developers such as Ubisoft, Gameloft and EA also have branches. According to Jade Raymond , head of Stadia Games & Entertainment, Google wants to change the development of games, “just like Stadia wants to change the way players access games and how they experience the games.”

The new studio has in the meantime posted the first job openings online. Raymond promises to provide developers with all the resources needed to “create new and unique gaming experiences.” She told the GamesIndustry website that it is intended that there will be several first-party studios from Google, but Raymond did not share details about the timing. Google’s game streaming service Stadia will start on November 19 .

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