Google News gets personal For You section, videos and Newsstand integration

Google has completely renewed its News service. Users now have a personalized For You section, which is filled with algorithms. It is also possible to view general headlines.

The new version of Google News also includes videos and integration with Newsstand, the section of the Play Store where newspaper and magazine articles are for sale. From Google News, users can subscribe to certain newspapers or magazines, Google shows.

Through artificial intelligence, Google claims that users can serve interesting articles. The new For You section offers five story lines for all users with local, national and global news. The stories that users see depend on their location and interests.
By clicking on one of the story lines, users get full coverage about an event. A list of articles about the subject appears from different perspectives. There will also be videos in the timeline and there will not only be news articles but also opinion pieces and analyzes.
Google News also gets a Headlines section, in which, just as in the current version, the news is offered as a list without selection. The new version of News can be used immediately in the browser. Next week, the new version should be available everywhere, including on Android and iOS smartphones. The renewed Google News on phones replaces the Google News & Weather app.