Google Maps analyzes traffic to recommend faster routes

Google has released an update to its Maps navigation service on both Android and iOS. The update should alert the user to possible faster routes when navigating, for example in traffic congestion.

Showing faster route options is a result of the acquisition of the Israeli start-up Waze. Via the Waze mobile app, users can indicate whether, for example, they are stuck in traffic or whether a road is closed. Although Google Maps already had such features, the current data from Waze is now better integrated into Google’s navigation service and faster route options during navigation are shown via a notification. In the first round of integration of Waze in Google Maps in November, reports of incidents were already shown when calculating routes.

The enhanced Google Maps app for iOS can be plucked from the App Store. Android mobile users don’t have to do anything: the new functionality is automatically available in the Android version of Google Maps.