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Google makes incognito mode for Maps available on iOS

Google has begun to make the incognito mode for Maps available on iOS. The arrival of this mode was announced in October and more than a month ago the feature was already released on Android.

Google reports that it started Monday to make the Incognito Mode for Maps available to iOS users. This is a gradual release, which means that not everyone can use it immediately. Users can enable the incognito mode by clicking on their profile photo in the top right of the app and selecting the function there.

Once users activate the mode, the places that users search for are not stored in their Google account. Personalized functions will then also be absent, such as restaurant recommendations based on previously visited eatery locations. With incognito mode, the phone will not update the location history, so the visited places are not saved on the timeline.

The function works the same as on Android devices ; Android users have been using incognito mode since the beginning of November. This mode has been available for some time in web browser Chrome, YouTube and in the Google search function .

Google itself is experiencing disadvantages with the new privacy options. It also means that consumer feedback, with which Google makes improvements to Google Maps, will shrink. On the other hand, Google has previously launched an incognito mode for YouTube within Android, for example, and sees that privacy is more important to many users.

In addition, Google has invested time in the past year in making it easier for you to delete your location history. No worries, in principle the location history is disabled by default, but if you are wearing it, then it is good to know that you can delete your history partly or completely. Among other things, by indicating that you only want to save 1.5 years or 3 months of data, with the rest being automatically deleted.

In line with this, Google will also add a new option to the Timeline in Google Maps. You can easily delete things at once in that timeline. The Timeline is intended to help you remember where you have been. Thanks to the new “bulk delete” function, you can also delete it in one go from both your Timeline and your location history. This option will be rolled out in January 2020 on at least Android phones.

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