Google makes Chrome OS Flex available to the general public

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Google is opening its free operating system Chrome OS Flex to the general public. The company guarantees that the Chromium operating system can run on 295 different devices without any problems. Chrome OS Flex has been available for testing via early access since the beginning of this year.

it on Chromium based operating system runs on most computers with 64-bit Intel and AMD x86 processors that have at least 4GB of RAM on board and at least 16GB of storage space. Computers with components manufactured before 2010 are less able to handle the operating system, according to Google. Systems running on an Arm processor are not supported for the time being.

Chrome OS Flex is based on the source code of Chrome OS and the user interface is very similar. It will also follow the same release cycle. The operating system is not entirely identical to Chrome OS. For example, it is not possible to run Android apps, Verified Boot, and automatic BIOS and UEFI firmware updates.

Google offered early access to Chrome OS Flex in early 2022. Two years earlier, in 2020, the company had acquired Neverware. That developer had developed CloudReady, a Chromium-based operating system that allowed older computers to function like Chromebooks. Chrome OS Flex emerged from CloudReady. Chrome OS Flex can be done via Google’s website downloaded and installed via a USB installer.

Chrome OS Flex

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