Google is working on new Chromecast version

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Google has filed documents with the US Federal Communications Commission for a new version of the Chromecast. The documents mention 5GHz WiFi, but according to Google employees there are no new features.

The appearance of the new version of the Chromecast has not changed, according to documents filed by Google with the FCC and noted by the website Zatz Not Funny. The documents mention 5GHz several times, but it is not clear whether there is actual support for this. Google was criticized for the fact that the original Chromecast only had support for the busy and less fast 2.4 GHz band.

In any case, the test results described in the FCC documents only mention the 2.4 GHz band. Google itself is also not clear about it: in an ask us anything on Reddit, an employee admits that a new Chromecast is in the works, but that “the difference for most users will not be noticed” while there are no new features either. would be.

On Wednesday, Google presented the Nexus Player, a device that can stream music, video and games to a TV. The Nexus Player runs on Android TV, which is intended for televisions. The streaming functionality of the Nexus Player is similar to that of the Chromecast, but in addition, users can install apps on the Nexus Player.

Update, 13.00: The article has been edited to further nuance the claims about 5GHz support than in the original piece.

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