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Google is conducting a test in which it places additional information cards on its search page. They show things like popular searches, the weather, movie and series suggestions, stock prices and corona news.

The modified Google page came to the attention of 9to5Google. He examined the new functions and concluded that the amount of information cards is based on the size of the browser window. If you hover over the cards, they expand further. If you click on the cards, you will see the more complete knowledge panels, just like when you do a Google search for, for example, ‘the weather’. The content of the cards is based on the user’s location and his ‘past activity’. The cards can also be hidden.

The information cards are reminiscent of Google Discover, the information feed that is included in the Google app, among other things. It also shows the weather and news content based on the user’s interests.

The renewed Google page was shown on two accounts of the 9to5Google editors, but it is unknown where exactly the test is performed and where it is not. As always with a test, this content may not be processed in the release version of Google Search.

Image via 9to5Google

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