Google is making optimizations to make Google TV faster

Google is making optimizations to Google TV so that the software should run faster. The company has also added new options that make it easier for users to free up storage space to install new apps.

All changes that Google has made can be read at the Google TV support page. In it, an employee writes that the Google TV team has implemented CPU optimizations and improvements in the cache management system. This should, among other things, reduce the start-up time of Google TV and make navigation through the various tabs in the menus faster. Switching to a profile for children could also happen faster, according to Google.

Google has also added a new option to the settings menu that allows users to free up storage space if they run out of storage space on devices with Google TV. This option allows them to clear cache and remove apps that are not being used. The company has also added a tool that automatically frees up storage space for users in the background when possible. In the future, there should also be fewer error messages related to the internal storage. All of the aforementioned optimizations are currently being rolled out, according to Google.