Google is going to remove location-based reminders from Assistant

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Google will soon be removing location-based reminders in Google Assistant. This is evident from reports that various users have seen and a message on the English-language support page. It is not clear whether the function will be replaced by an alternative.

Some Reddit users in the United States received see a notification from Google on their Android smartphone in which the company writes that it will soon no longer be possible to set reminders based on location data. On the English language support page for Google Assistant, is the same message and reference is made to the Assistant’s Routines functionality to set reminders in a location.

It’s not clear if Google is working behind the scenes on a replacement for the feature. 9to5Google pops a balloon and writes that Google may want to revamp the Assistant interface and bring some functionalities into a new hub called ‘Memory’.

Notification about location-based reminders Google Assistant – 9to5Google

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