Google introduces an app that allows users to communicate with eye movements

Google is introducing its Look to Speak app, which lets users select different terms using eye movements, which are then spoken out loud. For the time being, it is an ‘experimental’ app that works on phones with Android 9.0 or higher.

Google is releasing the app as part of the Start with One project on its experiment platform, the company reports. Look to Speak is mainly intended for users with a motor or speech impairment. The app allows users to choose from different terms using eye movements, which are then spoken out loud by the app. By default, this includes phrases such as “how are you?”, “Hello,” or “water, please,” although the glossary can also be customized.

These terms are then divided into two different lists, which are shown on the left and right of the screen, respectively. Users can then select from these lists by looking left or right with their eyes and the terms in that list are redistributed across the screen. Gradually, the lists shown get smaller and smaller, until only two terms remain. The selection process can also be canceled by looking up.

Users can, among other things, adjust the ‘sensitivity’ with which the eye movements are picked up. The settings menu in which users can make adjustments cannot be controlled via eye movements, according to the video that Google publishes. The company also reports that data from the app will not be shared with other services. Look to Speak can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.