Google extends Advanced Protection program to standard iOS apps

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Google has expanded its Advanced Protection program for sensitive accounts to include standard iOS apps with access to Gmail, calendar, and contacts. Google introduced the program in October.

The change allows iOS apps such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar to access the corresponding data in the Google account that has Advanced Protection enabled. That program protects access to that data from third-party apps. When Google introduced the program in October, one of the limitations for iOS users was that their default apps no longer had access to, for example, Gmail. That limitation no longer exists.

Google writes that iOS users will receive instructions on how to log in when they give their standard applications access to an account with Advanced Protection. That program, according to Google, is intended for people with sensitive information in their accounts, such as activists, journalists and politicians. To participate in the program, a user must have two hardware keys that serve as a means of two-step authentication.

The search giant also says it will take additional measures for identity verification when someone in the program wants to restore access to their account, in order to prevent unauthorized access.

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