Google enables recording and sending videos in Hangouts for Android

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Google Hangouts on Android gets support for sending videos. The feature was already available in the iOS version of Hangouts, but not yet on Google’s own Android operating system. It is also possible to remove people from a group Hangout.

With version number 11 of Hangouts, that will now change, Android Police writes. Android users can now also send videos as attachments. The button to record videos is to the right of the button to send a normal photo as an attachment.

After pressing the video button, a video with a maximum length of one minute can be recorded. An update to Hangouts on iOS has increased the maximum recording length of a video to two minutes.

In addition, the option to remove people from a group Hangout has been added in both the new iOS version and the upcoming Android version. This ability is assigned to everyone in the Hangout; anyone can now add people, rename the group and kick someone out of the group.

Google has also removed the ability to merge SMS and Hangouts conversations from Hangouts because it is little used and mostly leads to confusion.

The iOS update to version 11 is already available in the App Store, the Android version is not yet officially available.

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