Google delays Nexus Player release due to missing FCC certification update

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Google has stopped taking preorders for the Nexus Player because the company has not yet obtained the necessary FCC certification for its release in the United States. It is unclear whether this also causes a delay in the European release.

On the American product page for the Nexus Player, Google reports that the device will not go on sale as long as there is no approval from the American authorities, in the form of an FCC certification, writes Android Police, among others. That is striking because the internet giant had already started taking preorders.

It is unclear why FCC certification has not yet been obtained for the Nexus Player. Google itself does not provide any further information on this. Normally, companies first obtain approval from the American watchdog before releasing their products. It is also unclear whether this will also postpone the European release of the Nexus Player. FCC certification is not used in the EU, but CE certification is used, among other things.

Google announced the Nexus Player at the same time as the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. It is a media player on Android TV that is mainly intended to stream content from other devices to a TV. The Nexus Player can also be used as a gaming console. Initially, Google had wanted to release the round device on November 3.

Update 4:52 PM: Engadget discovered that Google has now obtained the necessary FCC certification.

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