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Google comes with support for hearing aids

For iPhone, it has been possible to connect hearing aids to the telephone for some time. For Android this was a lot trickier. Google is now working hard to allow hearing aids to be streamed on Android.

Android hearing aid

To do this, Google is working with a Danish company that develops hearing aids, GN Hearing. The feature is called ASHA, Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids. The battery efficiency would be good, as would the waiting time on the translation. Hearing aids that use the ASHA specification can be connected directly to an Android device without a third device in between.


The goal is to use the hearing aids with Bluetooth as headphones to make calls and listen to music. Google has published a protocol that can be used by all companies that develop hearing aids. The first hearing aids that can stream on Android are ReSound, LiNX Quattro and Beltone Amaze.

More and more people have hearing problems. That is why companies are always looking for more solutions that also respond to the needs of people. The smartphone is one of the challenges. Companies therefore focus on a good connection between the smartphone and the hearing aid.

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