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Google Authenticator can export codes to other device on iOS

Google has added an export feature to the Authenticator app for iOS. This allows Apple users to transfer two-step verification codes to a new phone when they switch devices.

This is version 3.1.0 of Google Authenticator . This now has the same function as with Android. Users can ‘export’ their data via the menu. This is done in the form of a qr code. If users scan another iOS device with Google Authenticator, the accounts will be transferred there. This is possible with a maximum of ten accounts at the same time. Those who want to export more have to go through the process several times. Users must use TouchID, FaceID, or their PIN to transfer the codes.

The functionality was in the Android version since May of this year . Previously, it was only possible to transfer two-step verification for Google accounts to other devices, but now that applies to all Time-based One Time Passwords. In addition to the export feature, Authenticator on iOS has also been given a dark mode for the first time and other minor ui changes have been made.

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