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Google Assistant now also available in the Netherlands for iOS & Android

Google today introduces the Dutch Google Assistant for Android and iOS devices. The Google Assistant is always ready to help you in everyday situations, simply by giving an assignment or asking a question. Manage your agenda, set an alarm for tomorrow morning, send an app quickly, easily, set up a song, receive navigation instructions and listen to the news, Google Assistant helps you. The Google Assistant can be called up on suitable Android devices by holding down the Home button or saying “Okay Google”.

Artificial intelligence

Since the 1950s, natural speech interaction with computers has been one of the major challenges in computer science. To offer high quality speech recognition and to understand the Dutch language well, Google invested for years in artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing, which are two important foundations of the Google Assistant.

Combined with the information from the most popular search engine in the world, the Google Assistant has a large amount of knowledge and a good sense of context in conversations. In addition, the Assistant continues to learn from his users, which will continuously improve the system.

Dutch brands

The Google Assistant not only speaks Dutch, but is also really Dutch. The functionality and personality are adapted to our country – the assistant sings Dutch songs, follows Dutch football and understands that the weather is very important to us.

In addition, well-known Dutch companies have contributed to the functionality of the Google Assistant. Thanks to the developer platform Actions on Google, third parties can extend the Assistant. A large number of Dutch brands have built such an Action on Google.

This way you can ask PostNL when your package arrives, get some gift inspiration at, ask Albert Heijn for recipes and check with Buienradar if it will rain soon.

In addition to integration with international services such as Whatsapp Spotify and Netflix Dutch companies such as Centraal Beheer, Eneco, Essent, ING, Jumbo, KLM KRO-NCRV, MediaMarkt, NOS, NPO, Qmusic, Rabobank, Rituals, Transavia and Unilever made an Action on Google.

The Actions can be invoked by saying “Talk to “. Most Dutch Actions on Google are available immediately upon launch of the Google Assistant.


The deployment of the Dutch Google Assistant starts today. The Assistant will gradually come to Android devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher that are set to English. iOS users (version 10 or higher) can download the Google Assistant app in the App Store within a few days.

The Google Assistant can be called up via over 500 million devices, available in a multitude of languages ​​and collaborates with more than 5,000 types of smart devices. The Google Assistant can also be found in cars of more than forty brands and in smart speakers. Google’s own smart speaker, the Google Home will be available in Dutch stores later this year.

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