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Google Assistant comes with male voice

More than a year after the introduction in our country, Google now comes with a male voice for the Dutch Google Assistant . Research by Google has shown that in our country we experience female voices as friendlier and male voices as clearer. From now on you can set whether your Google Assistant has a male or female voice.

A male voice from Google Assistant
Whoever sets the Assistant for the first time will be randomly assigned one of the votes. You can then change this yourself via the Google Home app or the settings of the Assistant. Are you curious about the new voice? You can already try out whether you are charmed by watching, and especially listening, to the Google Update on YouTube. In this video the new voice introduces itself to you. And just kidding.

Discriminating when there is no choice
Google commissioned a study by Kien into the use of virtual assistants. Approximately half of the Dutch people interviewed occasionally use this and Google Assistant is more popular than Siri . Approximately half of the respondents are happy that they can choose between a male or female voice. A quarter would consider it discriminatory if there was no choice. Men prefer listening to a female voice, while women most often have no specific preference for one of the two.

Be polite to your assistant
How do you talk to a virtual assistant? Like it’s a friend? Or do you just give short commands? It is striking that three-quarters of the respondents indicate that they generally speak politely to their virtual assistant. More men than women sometimes make an inappropriate comment against the speech assistant (34.6% versus 22.6%). Almost a third (30%) of people talk to their assistants as if they were human.

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