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Google asks manufacturers up to 35 euros per phone for use of its apps

Google asks smartphone manufacturers who release their devices in the EU up to 35 euros per device. The Verge writes this on the basis of documents obtained. Google recently announced that it would ask money for its apps in the EU after it had been fined.

The Verge writes on the basis of documents that the highest price is $ 40, or 35 euros, per device. and that this applies in a number of countries. The other countries in this group are the UK, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The price to be paid for the use of his apps depends on the pixel density of the smartphone screen.

The highest price for a screen with a density of more than 500ppi applies. At 400 to 500ppi that is $ 20 and at less than 400ppi the price is $ 10, claims The Verge. The costs for a tablet would be up to $ 20 anywhere. Google would not have responded to questions from the site.

The prices would apply to the Google Mobile Services, which also includes the Play Store. In addition, the costs could be partially or completely canceled by Google if a manufacturer chooses to install the Chrome browser and Google Search on its devices.

Google said this week that the smartphone manufacturers for the use of his apps is going to pay as a way to meet the demands of the European Commission, which imposed a fine of 4.3 billion euros for abuse of power with Android. Google said that all manufacturers should start paying for the use of Google apps on devices that they release in the European Economic Area.

Chrome and Search remain free through a separate license and without other Google apps. These conditions will take effect on October 29.

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