Google and iFixit to start selling official spare parts for Pixel phones

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Google and iFixit will sell repair kits and spare parts for Google Pixel smartphones. Starting ‘later this year’, owners of a Pixel 2 or newer will be able to purchase parts to repair devices themselves.

Repair platform iFixit will sell both official individual spare parts and larger repair kits. This way users can according to the company specifically purchase the required parts, whether or not including the necessary tools to disassemble the Pixel smartphones in a controlled manner. Pricing has not yet been announced for the affected Google Pixel components. The companies will only sell the parts in markets where Pixel devices are officially available. For the time being, Pixel smartphones are not officially available in the Benelux.

iFixit already offered repair manuals for all Pixel devices up to and including the Pixel 5. Similar manuals for the Pixel 5a, 6 and 6 Pro will also be released shortly, which, in combination with the spare parts and tools, should make it possible to repair a repair yourself relatively easily. Google smartphone repair.

A repair kit includes an iOpener to be able to release glued parts such as the housing in a targeted and controlled manner. iFixit also supplies pre-cut patches to put a Pixel device back together after repair. One could even get the device waterproof again.

Google is not the first manufacturer to partner with iFixit. Companies such as Microsoft, Valve, Samsung and Motorola have been offering specialized repair kits in collaboration with the repair platform for some time.

Image via iFixit

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