Google adds improvements to the English version of Google Assistant

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Google will soon provide the Google Assistant with some improvements. English speaking users will be able to teach the voice assistant correct pronunciations of personal names. In addition, the voice assistant will better understand the context in English conversations.

In a few days, English-speaking users will be able to teach Google Assistant correct pronunciations of personal names by speaking them. According to Google, the assistant will remember the specific pronunciation without saving the voice recording.

Google Assistant will also better understand the context in which voice commands are given. For this, the company uses its open source BERT technology that it developed in 2018. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and with the help of this AI technology, the search giant can better understand the relationship and context between multiple specified search terms.

According to Google, BERT is already being used in Search, where it would have significantly improved the results of English searches. Thanks to BERT, Google Assistant would respond more correctly to voice commands about timers or alarms. In addition, the Assistant should be better able to have natural-feeling conversations on the basis of artificial intelligence.

For now, both functions can only be used in English. Google hopes to make it available for other languages ​​soon. Earlier it was revealed that in the future the Google Assistant will be able to interpret simple commands without users having to say “Ok, Google” first. This future feature was discovered in a beta version of the Google app for Android 11, version

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