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Good news on Friday: The Addams Family and Animaniacs are back and ADE goes digital this year

Welcome to an edition of our Good News on Friday section. As you have come to expect from us, this one is filled with nothing but positive news every week. Because there is enough misery in the world already. This week you can read more about the digital version of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the return of The Addams Family and Animaniacs and nature photos that appeal to the imagination. Have a nice weekend and spread the good news!

Amsterdam Dance Event online

The ADE annually attracts more than 400,000 visitors to the capital. This year the club festival will take place for the 25th time. Unfortunately, it did not become the anniversary edition that the organization had in mind. Do you want to party this weekend and test how loud you can put those speakers in your living room? Then enjoy the best DJs, workshops and masterclasses until Sunday. Read more about the online version of the ADE here.

Book with the most beautiful nature photos by Dick van Duijn

The name Dick van Duijn may not immediately mean something to you. Still, chances are you know his world-famous photo of a squirrel smelling a flower. This photo by the photographer from Noordwijk went all over the world. It’s not the only beautiful photo taken by the photographer. His book The beauty of nature will be published on 6 November , which is full of the most beautiful nature photos. We have already put this book on our wish list for the holidays!

Dick van Duijn Splendor of nature
Cover of the book of ‘Beauty of Nature’ by Dick van Duijn

Health funds and young people together launch community 2K40

In the coming period you will see the name ‘2K40’ more often. This community was created for and by young people and is part of the multi-year program ‘The Healthy Generation’. This program aims to ensure that Dutch youth become the healthiest in the world, physically, socially and mentally. In the champagne film, all young people in the Netherlands are called on to share their ideas for a healthier life with the hashtag 2K40. A campaign with a positive approach, but which is also realistic about health problems.

Young people are called upon via TikTok , Instagram and YouTube to help build the community and share their ideas. The young people with the coolest ideas receive help and resources to develop their ideas and increase the reach. In this way 2K40 becomes a community with original content, created by and for young people, that inspires you to get the best out of yourself, each other and life.

The trailer of the new Animaniacs

Did you always watch Animaniacs in the past? The funny cartoon characters return. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are returning to Hulu. The Warner Bros. critters promise to keep kids and adults entertained again with clever, sneaky humor.

The new Animaniacs hit Hulu on November 20.

The Addams Family returns and Tim Burton produces it

The Addams Family is bursting with friendly and quirky family members. Cousin It, the beautiful Morticia and of course the tall Lurch, they all contribute to the oddity called Addams. Good news, because the series is back! The creators of Smalville seem to write him and none other than ghoulish great Tim Burton is a producer. We can’t wait! As long as there is a lot of Wednesday in it.

NASA shows great images of Osiris-Rex

NASA has collected samples from an asteroid for the first time, and it wouldn’t be NASA if it didn’t share some footage from that mission. The Osiris-Rex spaceship made contact with the asteroid Bennue for no less than six seconds and took some dust and rock with it. The images are beautiful!

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