GOG removes Hitman from range after criticism for DRM

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Online game platform GOG.com has removed the 2016 Hitman game from its range. The company does this because of criticism. GOG indicated that the game was DRM-free, but did not mention that users need an account to use all of the game’s features.

An employee writes on the GOG forum that Hitman has been removed from the catalog of the service. The company says it is still in talks with developer IO Interactive and GOG indicates that it should not have released the game in its current form. The service also thanks players for the feedback and apologizes.

Hitman appeared on GOG about two weeks ago. The game was labeled as DRM-free on that platform, with the service stating that “an internet connection is required for Escalation missions, Elusive Targets or user-created contracts.” However, the company did not mention that an internet connection is also required to unlock gear, outfits and new starting locations within missions. GOG also did not mention that, in addition to an internet connection, users also need a mandatory account to access all of these features.

On the Hitman product page, GOG further stated that all games on its platform are DRM-free. That was not correct, because Hitman has always-online-drm. Several users therefore stated that Hitman in its current form does not fit on GOG. The game was subject to review bombing, with multiple GOG users giving the game a negative review.

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