GitHub for teams is now free. This is very exciting news for small organizations and remote development teams. You can now create unlimited private code repositories with unlimited contributors. Until now, you had to select a paid plan to use GitHub for private project development. While unlimited private repositories were included in the free plan, there was a 3-employee limit that has now been lifted. You can add unlimited contributors to your repositories and then do whatever you want.

Even after GitHub for teams is made free, there are still some features in the paid plan. Advanced features like SAML and personal support are still part of the paid plan. Also, the paid plan has been reduced from $ 9 to $ 4.

If you’re already a GitHub user, you don’t need to explain how to create repositories. You just create your organization from the main dashboard and then create repositories and make them private. You can invite contributors from the repository settings.

Earlier, GitHub indicated that you have reached your maximum contributor limit. But now that note no longer exists. You can see the screenshot below to see this in action. Now, from the repositories settings, when you want to invite a contributor, it shows the option unlimited contributors there.

If you previously had to give up GitHub due to the constraints on the number of contributors, you can now enjoy the team feature as it was intended. Just create as many private projects as you want and then add any number of teammates or employees. You can also use GitHub Actions minutes that you get for free.