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General Motors to unveil electrically powered Hummer

The American General Motors is said to want to introduce the Hummer back into the streets, but then in an electric variant. The car would soon be unveiled at the Superbowl, a major American sporting event.

The message is coming from The Wall Street Journal that it is based on people who are “familiar with the issue.” General Motors, owner of the Hummer brand, would release the car in 2022 under its GMC subsidiary brand. It would be the first new Hummer since the H3, which went into production in 2006 and was made until 2010.

The Hummer had a reputation as a car that consumed a lot of fuel. A switch to electric would, of course, make that a non-issue, although the weight of the large bodywork of the car also plays a role.

The Verge asked General Motors for a response, but it was appropriate. The car was to be unveiled during the American Football event the Superbowl, on February 3, during the much-watched broadcast advertising block. Top basketball player LeBron would have James in the lead. General Motors is planning to at least 20 to produce electric models before 2023.

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