Gemini Man movie may be shown in cinemas at 120fps

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The science fiction film Gemini Man will hit theaters later this year and it may be seen at 120 frames per second instead of the regular 24. Paramount has asked certain cinemas to test whether they are able to show the film in high frame rate. .

The website The Playlist shows a letter from Paramount in which the company says it will do everything it can to ensure that projecting the high frame rate version of Gemini Man is an easy process for the operator. The company wants to ensure that the public can count on the ‘latest technological development in cinema’.

Paramount provides test instructions for displaying high frame rate for various cinema projectors. The company emphasizes that the operators must update their equipment with the latest firmware, otherwise problems are to be expected.

Gemini Man will be shot in 4k, 120fps and 3d, but according to the letter, the film will be distributed in a 2d version at 120fps and a 3d version at 60fps. Paramount is asking those operators who received the letter to provide feedback on their experiences next week.

Ang Lee’s new film will be released in October. In it, actor Will Smith plays an assassin who has to deal with a younger clone of himself. This isn’t the first movie to use an increased frame rate. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, also by Lee, was the first film to use 120 frames per second. At the time, this was seen as very positive during a short preview, but there were no cinemas that were able to project the film in 4k and with 3d and 120 fps. Peter Jackson previously released The Hobbit, which was shot at 48fps.

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, among others, previously called the combination of 4k, 3d and 120fps ‘the new platinum standard’ and he at least uses hfr for the successors of Avatar. High frame rate in combination with a 4k resolution is possible on televisions in the living room, provided the device has HDMI 2.1. At the moment, however, there is hardly any content for high frame rate. The uhd-blu-ray version of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk doesn’t go beyond 60fps; almost all movies don’t go beyond the traditional 24fps.

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