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Geforce Now will be available as a download for Android

GeForce Now is available for download on Android devices. Nvidia’s cloud gaming service is reportedly now available in South Korea, but several people outside of South Korea have managed to install an APK and try out the service.

The service will be available through the Play Store, but XDA Developers reports that it is said that this is currently only the case in South Korea. The website got the service working and tried it out on the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Fold, among other things, via an MOT on the APK Mirror website. According to XDA Developers, the Android client from Geforce Now is fairly easy to use. The website has played Doom via Geforce Now and says that it works pretty well apart from a non-common, short-term packet loss.

Nvidia announced in August that Geforce Now would appear on Android devices this year in the form of a mobile Android app. The streaming service has been available for several years as a beta version on the PC, Mac and Shield TV. Players who want to try the beta on Android also need a previously activated account via the PC, Mac and Shield TV. Users must have an Android phone with at least 2GB of RAM and Android 5.0 or higher.

GeForce Now is in fact a link with digital game stores, allowing players to take their game library from, for example, Steam and to play their games on the PC, Mac, the Shield and now also on Android. It is not necessary to have powerful hardware; the games are streamed and run on Nvidia gpus.

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