GDPR fine for VoetbalTV was unjustified, but the questions remain open

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VoetbalTV was wrongly fined by the Dutch Data Protection Authority for broadcasting amateur matches. The Council of State firmly reprimands the strict regulator, but the expected explanation that lawyers and companies hoped for has not yet materialised.

VoetbalTV had to deal with the Dutch Data Protection Authority early in its existence. That later turned out to be the death knell of the company. VoetbalTV is an online streaming service that broadcasts football matches in amateur football. It is a collaboration between TV farmer Talpa and the KNVB. Or rather, was, because VoetbalTV is now bankrupt. Shortly after its establishment, the Dutch Data Protection Authority announced that it would start an investigation into VoetbalTV. The privacy regulator saw a potential violation of the privacy law: VoetbalTV broadcast matches online, often with underage players who did not give permission.

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