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Gazelle brings paintings from the Rijksmuseum to the bike path

It is an ode to the Dutch masters Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt: Gazelle comes with two unique bicycles that bring parts of masterpieces from these painters to the bike paths. Inspired by their works, in limited editions new bicycles were brought onto the market with details from works of art that can now be admired in the Rijksmuseum. And so two traditional Dutch things come together: cycling and famous paintings.

Two grandmother bikes

If you ask foreigners for typical Dutch things, they will certainly say cheese and tulips. And cycling. We Dutch people like to cycle very much and a lot. But there is something else that we are praised worldwide for, and they are painters: our grandmasters. Works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer can be admired all over the world. So how nice is it when those two things come together?

The grand master bicycles are a collaboration between Gazelle and the Rijksmuseum. The so-called ‘Miss Grace Art Edition’ is available in two versions: inspired by Het Melkmeisje by Johannes Vermeer and Marten & Oopjen by Rembrandt van Rijn. Details of these paintings can be seen on the bikes on the frame and on the mudguards.

The Milkmaid has been one of the highlights from the Rijksmuseum collection for years, a painting that everyone wants to see once. So how great is it that you can cycle around with a part of this world-famous painting?

The painting by Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit that was made by Rembrandt van Rijn has not been seen in the Rijksmuseum for very long. This painting was a private possession for centuries, but after a comprehensive restoration it is now on display in the museum.

Fine city bike

The bikes from the Miss Grace Art Editions are Dutch city bikes. Sturdy, stable and stylish. In front of the bikes is a carrier for bags – or for a basket. On the back there is no carrier as standard, but you can take it with you. Handy is at least also the steering lock: you can fix the steering wheel and front wheel when you park the bike and that is certainly fine with luggage on the front carrier fine. Then the wheel does not flip. The Miss Grace Art Editions have three gears.

You can therefore choose between cycling with the Melkmeisje or with the duo Marten and Oopjen. The suggested retail price is 729 euros, but you have to be quick, because this is of course a limited edition!

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