Gateway uses Transmeta processors

At UpsideToday it is too read that Transmeta has landed a major OEM deal. Gateway and AOL have announced that they will use the Transmeta processors (probably Crusoe) in a wireless WebPad. The system will run on a Linux OS. Gateway has this to say about not using Intel processors and Windows:

The two companies are breaking ranks with the powerful “Wintel duopoly” comprising Intel Corp’s (INTC.O) hardware and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) software, the newspaper said.

The decision was a coup for Transmeta Corp, a chip design company based in Santa Clara, California which has developed a microprocessor intended to be a low-power and inexpensive alternative to Intel’s microprocessors, the New York Times said.

Gateway executives said on Friday they decided to break with Intel and Microsoft because the new devices were not personal computers, according to the paper.

“We’re not building a personal computer, we’re building an appliance,” the paper quoted Peter Ashkin, Gateway’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, as saying. “Hence, there was no strong requirement for Windows.”