Game company Embracer completes multi-billion dollar acquisition of board game publisher Asmodee

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Swedish game company Embracer has completed its acquisition of Asmodee. Embracer pays 2.75 billion euros for the French board game publisher. Asmodee becomes a part of Embracer and continues to make board games.

Embracer and Asmodee announced the acquisition plans in December last year, but the companies had yet to receive approval for the deal. All shareholders and regulatory authorities have now given the green light and the acquisition can be completed, Embracer writes.

Board game by Asmodee

Asmodee is a major publisher of board games, trading cards and digital board games. The publisher is known for titles such as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Dixit, 7 Wonders, Azul and Exploding Kittens. The French company sells 39 million games annually and has 22 studios under it, which together manage the intellectual property of 300 different titles. The company has 2300 employees.

With the acquisition, Embracer wants to strengthen its position in the game market. The Swedish game company sees board games as an addition to the digital games market. The acquisition makes Embracer the largest European game company. In recent years, the company, previously known as THQ Nordic AB, has made many acquisitions to grow. Asmodee will keep the current CEO and the working method will not change. The company will be the ninth business unit to fall under the Embracer Group.

Company structure of Embracer Group
parent company Business units Studios (some examples) Franchises/games (examples)
Embracer Group Gearbox Entertainment Gearbox Software
Gearbox Studio Quebec
Gearbox Studio Montreal
Brothers in Arms
THQ Nordic Bugbear Entertainment
Gunfire Games
Piranha Bytes
Destroy All Humans
Desperados III
Remnant from the Ashes
Koch Media Publishing Deep Silver Volition
Vertigo Games
Warhorse Studio
Saints Row
Arizona Sunshine
Coffee Stain Coffee Stain Studios
Ghost Ship Games
Easy Trigger
Deep Rock Galactic
Goat Simulator
Saber Interactive 3D Realms
4A Games
Aspyr Media

Duke Nukem
Shadow Warrior
Metro Exodus
Star Wars: KOTOR Remake

Amplifier Game Invest Destiny Bit
Misc Games
Weird Earth Games
DECA Games A Thinking Ape
fire score
Mobile games
easybrain easybrain Mobile games
Asmodee Catan Studio
Days of Wonder
Z-Man Games
Ticket to Ride
Exploding Kittens
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