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Future of Mad Box console is questionable due to the arrival of Google Stages

Slightly Mad Studios wants to release its own Max Box game console in a few years’ time, but this project may be in question. Since the Google Stadium announcement, two investors have withdrawn, says the marketing director of the studio behind the console.

Marketing director Nathan Bell says in an interview with PC Games Insider that a number of solid investments had already been promised, “but Google’s statement that the future of gaming is not in a box has not done us any good.” He does not provide more clarity, so it is currently speculating whether the Mad Box will be released.

In addition, internal disagreement has arisen at Slightly Mad Studios about what the console should be called. The company applied for the trademark ‘Mad Box’ in January, but a small French game studio called MadBox protested, probably because they think there could be confusion about the two names. Slightly Mad Studios then decided to withdraw the application. Bell indicates that the product can eventually be given a different name.

The Mad Box was announced early this year . The console was then presented with multiple design concepts. Slightly Mad Studios wants to open up the console to all developers and indicated that a free development engine is available. The console must allow play in 4k with 60fps and virtual reality with 120fps. What the console will cost has not been announced and that also applies to a release date. The company only said that the device should come out in that year.

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