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Future Huawei phones will no longer receive SD cards due to trade bans

Huawei is excluded from the SD Association, the joint venture that sets the standard for the use of micro SD cards. As a result, future company telephones may no longer be able to use external memory cards.

The SD Association has removed the Chinese smartphone manufacturer from the membership list . The independent foundation tells Android Authority that the decision meets the requirements of the US government. Which forbade American companies earlier this month to further deal with Huawei. As a result, among other things, the future of Android on Huawei devices is uncertain.

The decision of the SD Association has no influence on the company’s current phones, but it may have on future ones. Companies must work with the SD Association to implement the SD standard in devices. Huawei does not want to speculate about the future.

The decision does not necessarily have to be a problem for Huawei. The company has been working for some time on its own alternative to micro-sd called Nano-Memory. This is a smaller form of micro-sd that can be expanded via the SIM slot. Among other things, the Mate 20 Pro uses that memory expansion.

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