Fujifilm announces X-H1 mirrorless camera with built-in image stabilization

Fujifilm has announced the X-H1 mirrorless camera as the successor to the X-T2. The new model has an aps-c sensor with five-axis image stabilization and can film in slow motion at 120fps at a 1080p resolution.

Like the X-T2, the new Fujifilm X-H1 has an aps-c sized 24.3-megapixel sensor. New is the image stabilization in the housing, the sensor is stabilized with a mechanism that works over five axes. In addition, the screen of the rear camera is now a touchscreen, which is not the case with the X-T2.

Fujifilm emphasizes the movie function of the X-H1 and gives the camera the possibility to film in the dci-4k resolution of 4096×2160 pixels at 23.97fps and 24fps. Like the X-T2, the device can also film in the uhd-4k resolution of 3840×2160 pixels at 30fps. New is a slow-motion function where recordings are made at 120fps in 1080p resolution.

Furthermore, Fujifilm has added an F-Log function, which allows shooting with a high dynamic range suitable for post-processing. There is also a new Eterna film simulation mode and recorded film files have a bitrate of up to 200Mbit/s, double that of its predecessor X-T2.

The housing of the X-H1 is somewhat larger and more angular than that of the X-T2 and offers more grip with its larger handle. An LCD has been added to the top on which settings are displayed. The electronic OLED viewfinder has been upgraded with a resolution of 3.7 million pixels. The resolution is probably 1280×960 pixels, with the X-T2 it was 1024×768 pixels.

According to Fujifilm, the autofocus algorithms have been improved compared to the X-T2. The shooting speed is unchanged, which is 14fps when using the electronic shutter, or 8fps with the mechanical shutter. That can be boosted to 11fps when using the optional handgrip.

Fujifilm will release the XH-1 in March, the separate body will have a suggested retail price of 1,899 euros.

Together with the X-H1, Fujifilm presents two lenses for professional filmmakers that can be mounted on the camera. It concerns an 18-55mm T2.9 and a 50-135mm T2.9, which Fujifilm is incorporating in a new MKX series. The lenses are variants of versions for the Sony E-mountm, which the company released earlier. The 18-55mm model costs $4000 and the 50-135mm has a suggested retail price of $4300. The cinema lenses should be released in the spring or summer.