Freedom Internet raises 4 million euros with the sale of certificates

Internet provider Freedom Internet has raised 4 million euros through a crowdfunding campaign. Through the crowdfunding campaign, people could buy certificates for 250 euros each and thus get their hands on a ‘piece’ of the provider.

Two weeks ago , Freedom Internet started the campaign via CrowdAboutNow. The goal was to raise at least 2 million euros. On Tuesday , the campaign reached the maximum target of 4 million euros, which means that 16,000 certificates have been sold.

According to the CEO of Freedom Internet, Anco Scholte, the successful crowdfunding campaign is not only a milestone for the provider: “We are delighted that as many as 1 817 people and
companies have invested in us and want to thank them for that addition is a.
Beautiful milestone for CrowdAboutNow, they have never raised such a high amount through their platform before.”

A total of 1,817 people supported the campaign, with an average investment of about 2,200 euros. The certificates are linked to shares of the company. Depositary receipt holders can receive a dividend from 2025. The certificates may be traded twice a year.

It is the second time that Freedom Internet has organized a crowdfunding campaign to raise money. In 2019, a campaign raised 2.5 million euros. This was a loan, the first part of which the company must repay later this year.

Freedom Internet was founded in 2019 after it became known that parent company KPN wanted to close XS4ALL. According to Scholte , Freedom Internet also wants to focus on developing other services as an alternative to the products of Google and Microsoft, in addition to offering the internet.