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France besides football also world champion stream

Following the top prize, France also takes home the record of the most streamed game of the past global football tournament. Akamai experienced a peak in traffic on the Akamai platform during the semi-final match France-Belgium. During this game a bandwidth of 22.52 Tbps was measured. Four years ago, during the tournament in Brazil, the peak was still at 6.88 Tbps. The 2018 final was the second most streamed match with 20.66 Tbps.

Large sports events stream

In addition to linear television viewers, streamers also know how to find the major sporting events. During the tournament in Russia 2.7 times more data was streamed than during the tournament in Brazil and 2.3 times as much as during the games in Rio in 2016. This makes the event in Russia the most streamed sporting event – on the basis of volume – on the Akamai platform so far. The number of minutes of football images has also risen; from the beginning to the end of the tournament there was streaming for 29.3 billion minutes. This is a growth of 63% compared to the tournament four years ago.

The battle for the title in Russia also attracted a large group of viewers at the same time; the final was watched simultaneously via 7.9 million streams. The highest peak in the number of streams was with 9.7 million streams during the group stage when the Mexico-Sweden and Germany-South Korea matches were played simultaneously.


The required bandwidth for video streaming of the matches in Russia surpassed the matches in Brazil with large numbers. 92% of the matches in Russia had a higher peak than the most streamed match in Brazil. After only 10 days in the group stage, Akamai delivered more data to streamers than during the entire tournament in Brazil. After the group phase, the amount of data delivered was already 65% ​​higher than four years ago.

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