Four lawsuits against Cyberpunk 2077 publisher have been merged

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Four US lawsuits against CD Projekt have been merged. These include two class action cases on behalf of investors who say the company behind Cyberpunk 2077 has been unfair about the state of the game on consoles.

CD Projekt, the parent company of developer CD Projekt RED, confirms that four pending lawsuits have been merged . These are charges that were filed in December last year and January this year. The different class action cases have been merged by the court and a chief prosecutor has been appointed. The case is now potentially subject to “usual legal proceedings.” Details are not known further; it is not clear when the case will be handled.

Investors of CD Projekt turned against the company after the release of Cyberpunk 2077. In one charge , the company was accused of being misleading that the game was “virtually unplayable” on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. of the previous generation. Before the release, CD Projekt said in an interview with investors that there were no problems with the console versions.

Sony pulled the game from the PlayStation Store after its release and gave customers their money back. Even after the release of various updates, the game has not yet returned to Sony’s download store. The value of the shares of CD Projekt fell sharply after that action by Sony.

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