Fortnite will receive 100 million prize money for e-sports this year

Epic GamesĀ announced that they will only make $ 100 million available for Fortnite Battle Royale leagues in the coming year, bringing the game directly to second place worldwide. -sports prize pool. It should only go ahead with Dota 2, which now awards 140 million a year to winners of competitions.

The publisher did not go into the details of the competitions, so we do not know what form it will take and whether there will be a lot of tournaments with a relatively small prize pool or that it will be divided over a number of major competitions. matches. The only thing Epic let go was that they were going to do things differently than people might be used to and that the competitions would be ‘inclusive’ and would focus more on pleasure in playing and watching Fortnite.

Anyway, Epic Games is making a very good move here, because through this investment they guarantee that anyone who has doubts about which Battle Royale game they are going to play will choose Fortnite more quickly and that the existing ‘pro’ population on Twitch and YouTube will definitely continue to play. The insanity around Fortnite continues to increase anyway, as the game is now far more than competing for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and with this extra reason for players to remain active, that will not change any more.

Fortnite Battle Royale also came out earlier on iOS and Epic also said that the Android version is upcoming this summer. That will not last longer than a month or two and then the game is really ubiquitous and you can almost play it on any platform. We are not yet off Fortnite, so much is clear.


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