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Fortnite player Ninja earns at least half a million euros per month

The well-known Fortnite player ‘Ninja’ earns at least almost half a million euros (560 thousand dollars) per month from his streams on Twitch. Fortnite is the most popular game of the moment and Ninja has the most subscribers and followers on Twitch with his live broadcasts.

The 26-year-old Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins currently has 160,000 subscribers, 3 million followers and an average of 70,000 viewers, sometimes with outliers to over 100,000. The American Forbes estimated his income on this basis at $ 350,000, but that is far too low. According to the gamer himself, who does not want to mention the exact amount, you can calculate the income by multiplying the number of subscribers by 3.5. Then you come to an amount of $ 560,000 per month.

However, that is not all. Ninja also earns, among other things, donations and 4 million YouTube subscribers. He does not do it for the money. Opposite Forbes, Ninja says he has been streaming game videos for seven years and that if he had done it for the money, he would have stopped.

With his money, Ninja tells his family to help and support charities. For example, he pays for animal surgery in animal shelters, he recently supported a suicide prevention project and made a financial contribution to two mothers who suffer from breast cancer.

For those who now think they can earn a lot of money playing games, Ninja has some disappointing news. The world’s best Fortnite player says that it is not for everyone to ‘make it’ as a YouTuber or live streamer. According to Ninja, you have to have the talent for entertaining and content creation. If that is not naturally in you, you better do something that you really like.

The enormous success of Fortnite is, according to Ninja, partly due to the fact that the game can be played for free and on multiple platforms, is just ‘fun’ and despite 3.4 million active users runs very smoothly without too many connection problems. As far as the supergamer is concerned, nothing at all has to be changed to the game, as long as developer Epic keeps the stability up to standard.

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