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Former administrator Applanet sentenced to probation of three years

The administrator of the illegal application store Applanet is convicted of copyright infringement, but does not have to go into the cell. He gets a probation period of three years and a year of house arrest. Applanet was one of the large application stores where Android apps were offered illegally.

The domains of Applanet were taken off already in 2012 by the Americans, with the help of the Dutch police together with another number of other illegal Android application stores. The manager of Applanet was still a minor at the time, which contributed to the fact that only a probationary period was imposed. However, the Applanet administrator, who bears the name Aaron Buckley, was sentenced to house arrest for one year. He also has to do 20 hours of community service .
According to Torrent Freak, personal circumstances have also contributed to not imposing a prison sentence. What the personal circumstances are does not spread over the site. Other administrators of illegal application stores, such as Appbucket and SnappzMarket, did have to go into the cell; these sites were also taken offline during the FBI action in 2012.


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