Flickr will delete files for free accounts if they exceed 1000 photos

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Flickr will limit free accounts to 1,000 photos. Until now, those accounts had a terabyte free for photo storage. From February 5 next year, Flickr will start removing photos if accounts contain more than a thousand photos.

Flickr is making changes to its Free and Pro accounts. The fine print states that free users who have added more than a thousand photos and videos have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019 to download their files so that they stay under the limit. They can also upgrade to a $50 Pro account for unlimited storage.

After February 5, 2019, Flickr will actively delete files if free accounts still exceed the limit. In April this year, photo-sharing site SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo’s parent company Oath. In doing so, the users had to accept or decline the SmugMug user agreement. Flickr was founded in 2004 and in 2013, the service had 87 million registered users. It is not known how many active users Flickr still has.

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