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Fitbit helps with a missing company

Recently, sport apps such as Strava and Polar Flow were in a not too bright light. Data leaks about the location of athletes and soldiers would be easy to trace. Nevertheless, data on sports activities can also come in handy, as is currently the case in America.

Fitbit in case of missing

A missing girl is wanted by electronic data, including from her Fitbit. Last week she was last seen when she started running. The FBI is now examining data from the Fitbit, which she wore while running. From this can be deduced at which locations she has been.

Sport apps for research

In addition to assistance with missing cases, sports watches, activity trackers and sports apps can also be used for other types of research. Last year, for example, a large-scale bicycle survey was carried out by Strava in the Netherlands. This enabled the most traveled bicycle spots in the country to be mapped. The average distance and speed were also examined. From active Strava users, men were apparently cycling ten kilometers on average than women, and about five kilometers an hour faster. The Zeeuwen biked the fastest and the Limburgers the furthest.

Nutrition can also be studied in Strava. Researchers have done this by automatically filtering on specific words in the title of the activity. The athletes often feel like bananas on Wednesday and Friday night in beer and pizza.

Not just risky, the sports apps. The privacy of users is paramount, but the activities can also be used for important purposes, such as in case of missing items.

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