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First-party Xbox One Series X games are initially backwards compatible

The first-party games from Microsoft for the upcoming Xbox Series X will also be compatible with the existing Xbox One. That will remain ‘one year, possibly two’, says an Xbox leader in an interview with MCV UK.

“Our games will run on the entire family consoles the first year, possibly two,” states Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Studios. This is to give gamers the feeling that by buying an Xbox One now they are making a ‘good investment’. Nevertheless, new games will make use of the innovations and benefits of the upcoming Series X. Halo Infinite is in any case an upcoming first-party game, as well as Hellblade II and Grounded. Third-party studios are not required to build in cross-gen compatibility.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Series X in December. It reports that the Series X one custom Zen 2-soc will contain and it is assumed that the console will get a custom Navi-GPU. The company mentions the support of hardware-accelerated raytracing. The console will support frame rates of 60fps in combination with a 4k resolution. This can possibly be increased to a maximum of 120fps. The Series X also has support for 8k resolutions and variable refresh rate. The manufacturer confirms the presence of an SSD that “virtually eliminates loading times.” Furthermore, the console supports variable-rate shading, auto low latency mode, and dynamic latency input. The Xbox Series X will be released at the end of 2020 for an as yet unknown price.

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