First beta of open source .NET implementation Mono

Novell has released the first beta version of the open source project Mono released. Mono is a project that attempts to port the .NET platform to Linux and Unix-based operating systems. The port was set up by software company Ximian, which was acquired by Novell last year. Since then, the work has not stopped, but the project has continued under the care of Novell. Mono should make it possible for software developers to write a single application that runs on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, an important advantage given that many companies have different systems running. After all, Microsoft itself only provides a framework for Windows. With the help of the released specifications of .NET, Mono wants to take care of the other platforms. This first test version was originally expected at the end of 2003 but had to be postponed. If everything else according to schedule Novell hopes to have a second beta version ready in early June, with a first stable version at the end of June.