Firmware Update: Ubiquiti UniFi UAP/USW

Ubiquiti has released new firmware for its wireless products that fall in the UAP and USW series. This again addresses several points. The version number is pinned to, and bears the following announcement and list of changes:


  • [USW-PRO] Support static routes.


  • [USW-Pro/USW-POE/USP-RPS] Update LCM firmware to add new status messages and fix PoE power checking.
  • [USW-Flex] Report total PoE budget.
  • [USW-Flex] Change max. PoE capability from AF to AT.
  • [USW-Pro] LCM firmware improvements.
  • [USW-Pro] Implement overheat and RPS power warnings (LCM).
  • [USW-Gen2] Update boot loader.
  • [USW-Gen2] Update bootloader: Enable LEDs before booting.
  • [USW] Improve crash reporting.
  • [USW] Decrease STP load under some circumstances.
  • [USW] Improve multicast delivery.
  • [USW] Report port error reasons to controller.
  • [UAP] Improve tracking or DHCP state.
  • [UAP-G3] Enable VHT160 for Japan.
  • [UAP-G3] Improve throughput of VLAN-tagged SSIDs.
  • [UAP-G3] Improve crash log reporting.
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Improve wireless uplink connect time and reliability.
  • [UAP-MTK] Throughput improvement.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve fast roaming connectivity.
  • [UAP-MTK] Refactor High Performance Device feature.
  • [UAP-MTK] Disable frequent TXBF updates for increased client compatibility.
  • [UAP-MTK] Improve wireless uplink background scanning.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix connectivity issue with “high performance devices” feature in sites with many devices.
  • [UAP] Improve guest portal stability.
  • [UAP] Reduce false positives when forcing high performance devices to 5 GHz.
  • [UAP] Improve fast roaming stability.
  • [UAP] Re-architect static and dynamic VLAN support. *
  • [UAP] Improve encrypted net console reliability.
  • [UAP] Refactor High Performance Devices.
  • [UAP] Implement ICMP RTT tracking.
  • [UAP] TCP Latency: Report N/A if no traffic.
  • [UAP] Improve ICMP latency tracking stability.
  • [UAP] Switch guest control to use ipset.
  • [UAP] Use AP MAC for Fast Transition packets.
  • [UAP] Add old IPW2200 cards to 2 GHz whitelist.
  • [ULTE] Improve on screen graphics.
  • [ULTE] Update display.
  • [U-LTE] Add larger data overage backoff.
  • [HW] Detect/report unstable processes.
  • [HW] Improve high memory usage reporting.
  • [HW] ImproveMemory Reporting.
  • [HW] Improve status LED patterns/tempo.
  • [HW] Send anonymous analytics to help developers improve the product. **

*Excluding UAP-nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD/BeaconHD.
**See Notes On Analytics below.

Bug fixes

  • [US-8/16/24/48/###W/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE/USW-Pro] Fix regression causing DHCP issues when using LACP.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix issue with SSDP packet forwarding when IGMP snooping is enabled.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix stability issue with DHCP snooping.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix issue with SFP autonegotation.
  • [US-8/16/24/48/###W/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE/USW-Pro] Fix bugs causing DHCP issues about LACP.
  • [UIS-8-450W/USC-8] Fix management VLAN support.
  • [USW-8] Fix static IP bug after changing management VLAN.
  • [USW-POE] Fix PoE LED issue on 16 port model after soft reboot.
  • [USW-48-POE] Fix port mapping.
  • [USW-POE] Fix flow control command.
  • [USWG2] Resolve issue with loopback test.
  • [USW-Flex] Fix PoE off failure when powered by AF/AT.
  • [USW-Flex] Fix 802.3af reporting issue.
  • [USW] Fix PHY capabilities instability.
  • [USW] Fix bug in SNMP.
  • [USW] Fix SFP28 Auto Negotiation.
  • [USW] Fix MSCC snmp.
  • [UAP-BeaconHD] Factory reset device if Wireless Uplink is disabled on site.
  • [UAP-AC-IW] Fix multicast packet leaking security issue.
  • [IWHD] Fix invalid port parameters, port or cfg = NULL error when switch ports disabled.
  • [UAP-PRO] Fix wireless uplink static VLAN.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix reported QBSS channel utilization for the 5GHz radio.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix reported RSSI and noise floor.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix stability issue.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix issue with 0% Channel Utilization in QBSS Report.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix issue when modifying High Performance Device feature.
  • [UAP-MTK] Fix multicast TX in congested 2.4 GHz environment.
  • [UAP-MTK] Stability improvements.
  • [UAP-G1] Improve probe response transmission.
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Fix minor Fast Roaming issue related to QBSS.
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Add Antigua and Barbuda country.
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Fix DVLAN connectivity between clients on the same interface (introduced in 4.1.0).
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Fix slow memory leak when using a Dynamic VLAN SSID.
  • [UAP-G2/G3] Fix Activity Down stats being zero.
  • [UAP-G3] Adjust environmental thresholds.
  • [UAP-G3] Fix an issue with rate control handling which may trigger an assert.
  • [UAP-G3/MTK] Fix fast roaming issues.
  • [UAP] Fix issue that caused second/third radio to intermittently not come up properly on provision.
  • [UAP] Fix DNS parsing stability.
  • [UAP] Fix stability issue when handling DFS events.
  • [UAP] Fix udhcpc continuous instability bug.
  • [UAP] Fix authenticator stability.
  • [UAP] Fix authenticator crash reporting.
  • [UAP] Fix roaming notification for APs.
  • [UAP] Fix guest portal instability.
  • [UAP] Fix intermittent RADIUS COA failure.
  • [UAP] Improve Fast Roaming management bridge detection.
  • [UAP] Fix memory leak when using Auto-Optimize Network or High Performance Devices.
  • [UAP] Keep IPv6 enabled on dynamically created DVLAN interface.
  • [UAP] Fix multicast issue with DVLAN SSIDs and untagged Users.
  • [UAP] Fix configuration bug when DVLAN is disabled on SSID.
  • [UAP] Fix stability issue with ICMP tracking.
  • [UAP] Fix stability issue with WLAN schedules.
  • [UAP] Fix mgmt vlan bridging when using wireless uplink.
  • [UAP] Fix sticky DNS latency reporting.
  • [UAP] Fix TCP latency calculation.
  • [UAP] Route Fast Transition packets to proper bridge.
  • [UAP] Allow WEP clients to be on VLANs.
  • [UAP] Fix a crash which may occur during Guest Control provisioning.
  • [UAP] Fix bug with Connectivity Monitor so that it brings down WLANs when gateway is unreachable.
  • [UAP] Fix ICMP latency stability.
  • [UAP] Fix DVLAN if management VLAN is unspecified.
  • [UAP] Fix Fast roaming in DVLAN SSIDs.
  • [UAP] Fix minimum RSSI fast-apply issue.
  • [USP-RPS] Fix false alert for power delivery.
  • [USP-RPS] Add initial RPS information to LCM.
  • [ULTE] Add MSS clamping.
  • [ULTE] Fix Security issue if U-LTE has public WAN IP.
  • [ULTE] Fix intermittent LTE upgrade issue.
  • [U-LTE] Fix support for SIM PINs.
  • [U-LTE] Fix DHCP client issue when guest network is enabled.
  • [HW] Don’t reboot if fwupdate fails.
  • [HW] Limit MAC addresses from being reported when analytics are enabled. **
  • [HW] Fix device disconnection after failed firmware download.
  • [HW] Fix system log encryption memory leak.
  • [HW] Slow frequency of internet ping after initial check.

Notes On Analytics

The analytics framework of UniFi Networking products collects two types of analytics data: personal data and other data.

When we first added the controller option for enabling analytics in 5.12.35, personal data and other data were not separated, so the feature either collected both personal and other data, or no data at all. We learned from the previous roll-out of analytics reporting that, even though users want to contribute to making products better, they are rightfully concerned about data privacy and the impact that it may have on their own business. As a result, we have separated the reporting of personal and other data, so that we can continue collecting valuable statistics that improve our products while keeping identifiable data out of the picture.

As of today, we are in the process of updating the analytics feature in UniFi Networking products to report personal data and other data separately. Once the products are updated, they will behave this way:

  • If the controller option is enabled, analytics will send personal and other data.
  • If the controller option is disabled, analytics will send other data.
  • If the controller option is disabled and you use the custom config value, analytics will report no data.

In USW/UAP firmware 4.1.0 and newer, you can set the custom config value as follows: Use in the controller and setting to disabled. For example:

Since we are in the process of making the above update, some UniFi Network products still follow the initial behavior of not separating personal data from other data (in which case the controller will enable/disable analytics entirely), but these products will be updated in future releases.

Version number
Release status Final
Website Ubiquiti Networks
License type Freeware