Firmware update: Ricoh CDRW 7040 and 7060 firmware update

CornelisJ writes: “With these firmware updates, the MP7040A (4x4x20) and MP7060A (6x4x24) recorders support DAO-RAW, making them compatible with the well-known CloneCD software.

According to newsgroup alt.comp.pherips.cdr, DAO-RAW only works with the IDE models, and not with the SCSI models. This is in contrast to what is claimed on BrennMeister.”:

Nun gibt es endlich auch offizielle Firmware upgrades für die Ricoh-Modelle MP/RW-7040/7060 (sowohl SCSI as also ATAPI). Die neuen Firmwares bringen den Recordern DAO RAW – damit sind mit CloneCD (und ähnlicher Software) Copies of the meisten Schützten CDs möglich.[break]The site contains 8 links to firmwares for the different models.

Version number 1.50/1.60/1.80
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux