Firmware Update: Popcorn Hour A-400 05-06-140414-25-POP-422-802

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Cloud Media has released new firmware for the A-400. Also known as a Networked Media Jukebox, this device can play audio and video from an external hard drive connected to the device, a NAS system or a computer on the network. Updating the firmware can be done by extracting the zip file to the root folder of a USB memory stick, then going in the menu to Setup > Maintenance > Firmware Update and clicking the ‘Check For Firmware Update’ button. The list of changes for this update is as follows:


  • Reduce distance between arabic and hebrew characters in subtitle
  • Fixed some pgs subtitle does not showed on screen
  • Fixed sometimes resume from bookmark showed the wrong subtitle track
  • Fixed taking 10 seconds to show idx subtitle after resume from bookmark for avi format video
  • Fixed some subtitles did not show at the center of the screen
  • Moved external subtitle position to lower part of the screen
  • Fixed sometimes white snowy screen showed for a short instance for video with idx or pgs subtitle
  • Fixed some m2ts file will stuck at the end of the file when resume playback from bookmark
  • Fixed sometime video resume from bookmark will start playback at the beginning of the clip for a few seconds, before jumping to the point of bookmark
  • Fixed when some video is playing with “Actual Size” video zoom setting, zooming in or out will black out the screen
  • Fixed playback crash when bd playlist (.mpls) file is corrupted
  • Fixed audio file with long file name will crash if playback using play key on remote control (play as playlist)
  • Fixed crash when play certain FLAC clip
  • Fixed TrueHD output as DTSHD MA (buzzing sound) after played any DTSHD MA clips
  • Fixed sometimes DTSHD HRA is output as DTSHD MA (buzzing sound)
  • Fixed sometimes TrueHD passthrough not working when switch from other audio track
  • Fixed failure to detect DTS/DTSHD stream for certain ts clips
  • Fixed video with PCM audio format playback with no sound after playing any DTSHD/TrueHD clips. Only happens on some amplifier
  • Fixed audio no output for DTSHD after played DVD via passthrough at some amplifier
  • Fixed no audio output when playback MKV with WMAPro audio track
  • Fixed some mkv take 4-5sec to show video codec info (VC1) at info bar
  • Fixed playing certain BD for the second time will have wrong framerate shown on the info bar
  • Improvement on long playback crash and random crash problem
  • Fixed pressing prev key on remote control does not show the previous photo when doing png photo slideshow
  • Support volume adjust on airplay, from itune software


  • Fixed sometimes system crash when turning on the tv, if the tv is previously off before the screensaver come out
  • Fixed unable to access WMP11 from network sometimes
  • Fixed cannot playback from WMP


  • Fixed any video channel in TED app always playback as actual size
  • Fixed video in TED app always paused after buffering, when tv mode is 1080p24
  • Fixed torrent maximum upload and download speed are not in sync between web browser UI and BT manager App
  • Fixed Audio CD Ripper app unable to rip audio cd if select all the audio file


  • Improve on japanese translation
  • Fixed sometimes player freeze at nmj screen capture when playing video over network

NMT Apps 05-01-131210-25-POP-425

  • NMT for A-410

Version number 05-06-140414-25-POP-422-802
Release status Final
Website Cloud Media
File size


License type Freeware
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