Firmware Update: Netgear WNDR3700

Netgear has for his WNDR3700routers released new firmware with version number The wireless connections are of the 802.11n type and may be provided with WPA(2)-PSK or WPA(2) Enterprise security. In addition, there are five gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which is on the wan side and the other four can be used internally. The list of changes for version looks like this:

New Features & Bug Fixes:

  • Smart Wizard CD version 2.2 adds MAC OSX support.
  • The record time interval of statistics data in traffic meter is changed to one second.
  • Fixed “WiFi gets disabled when guest account or WDS is enabled only if the MAC address starts with non-zero.”
  • Fixed “static routes not working.”
  • Fixed “DNS SRV records are not being handled properly.
  • Fixed “A conflict DNS address is assigned by DHCP server (IP address is not conflict) from WAN side of WNDR3700 automatically, and it won’t be found as an IP conflict.”
  • Fixed “ReadyShare Internet access – Enable ReadyShare Internet access via ftp with default port 21, it still allows users to add port forward rule using port 21. Enable ReadyShare Internet access via http with default port 80, it still allows users to add port forward rule using port 80.”
  • Fixed “WNDR3700 locks up when a USB hard drive is connected, if there are many pictures and video files.”

Known Issues:

  • NTFS write performance (upload to WNDR3700 attached USB storage) is slower than read.
  • Sometimes clicking “Safely remove USB device” button can’t remove USB storage safely. Workaround: Make sure you are not accessing the attached USB device and the LED on USB device is not blinking (it means no one is accessing it). Then you need to remove the USB device directly and ignore the message about “remove USB device failure) from web GUI.
  • Traffic meter – Traffic volume control is not accurate due to sampling rate. It may exceed the limit. Workaround: Set a proper number in “Mbytes before the monthly limit is reached” in the traffic control.
  • Traffic meter – The “Today’s traffic counter” and “This month’s only” are cleared but other data still exist in Internet Traffic Statistics table after click “Restart Counter Now” button.
  • Traffic meter – Traffic counter restores previous counter back in Internet traffic statistics table after click “Restart Counter Now” button and then click “Apply” Button. Workaround: Don’t click “Apply” button after click “Restart Counter Now” button until next month. Or If you still want to change the start time of restart traffic counter, you can click “Apply” button after you change the restart time, and then click “Restart Counter Now” button.
  • In NA firmware, the wireless region is blank in wireless setting page, but the actual setting is correct. It should display “North America”.

Version number
Release status Final
Website netgear
file size 5.88MB
License type Freeware